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Bumblefoot discusses the models at concerts @ Facebook

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Bumblefoot discusses the models at concerts @ Facebook Empty Bumblefoot discusses the models at concerts @ Facebook

Post by Soulmonster Tue May 22, 2012 9:13 am

Bumblefoot posting this on Facebook:

Hey all, I have nothing to do with this - http://www.dailyreco...6908-23867787/. Nor do I decide when the shows start - when you're waiting, so am I

After people began commenting, Bumblefoot decided to respond to some people:

haha mrs bumblefoot got angry?

Mrs Bumblefoot never gets angry, we've been together longer than you've been alive and our connection is deeper than you can truly know. *I* think the story is presented dishonestly and it's disrespectful to the families of bandmembers, and I'm bringing it up 1) because they deserve to be respected and defended, 2) a lot of fans feel that access is being granted to people that haven't earned it - by that I mean standing loyally by the band for years, buying a ticket, waiting on sore feet for hours and hours, cheering until they have no voice left, staying til the end and trying to find a way home after public transportation has been shut down... and doing it again the next time we're in town. I have nothing against 'the models', they were offered a fun night out and they deserve equal treatment from the band that any person at the show should get. But 'the band' did not request it, this kinda stuff comes from other people that are offering a good time by whatever means they have, and that's fine. I just feel the need to speak up on behalf our families & the fans, because they're respected & I don't want them feeling like they're not.

Quite surprised that some people seem to think it's 'cool'? Don't you find it weird? Some of them are practicly kids- and have never heard the band? It's all a bit off to me, and gives fuel to Guns N Roses critics...

As long as people are respectful to our photographer Katarina while they're in her workspace, I have no problem with it. In Liverpool there was a family in the front as well (not just gals) I brought their 11-year-old son on stage for a bit (he's been playing guitar for 6 months), nice way for him to experience his 1st concert : ) I should also mention, Katarina Benzova is responsible for the beautiful new tour books at the merch table - she took the pics, gathered the quotes, designed the whole thing herself - GNR hasn't had a tour book in 15(?) years, now we do thanks to her : )

How come they are at every show then? Well at least Nottingham and Liverpool? Is it gonna be that way the whole tour cos I have 9 shows in total I'm going to and I'm not pretty enough to get front row without earning it, Lol. They kept taking me out of the moment. There is the band and us, then there is this other thing going on in between. I don't care that it's models, but they seem to be chatting about Twilight instead of enjoying the show.

You're beautiful Smile

Hey, Ron is it true... U & the guys are performing in India (August 2012)

Rumors started about GNR playing Indonesia & India in August, but sadly I've been told it isn't true...

Hey Ron, are you doing any masterclasses when in Glasgow? Would be amazing to go to one of them as I've heard they are amazing!

Thanks : ) Nothing planned, will have to do a masterclass tour on my own some time : )

Ron, is glad to be here, here to stay?

Will keep that song around for a bit : ) Was thinkin' of having the words on the screens but I think I might piss off the *entire* audience, lol......!

Pretty shitty if it's true, there's so many of us that would kill to be at the front and/or backstage! Have the models backstage, but it's really rude to let them walk out in front of people (male & female) who have waited for x amount of hours! Not cool! Think you should just have a huge after show party for all that manage to stay till the end! I'll be there at the end!! Wink

You should just have a huge after show party for all that manage to stay till the end! >> That's a cool idea, "Front Row Afterparty" Very Happy Hmmmm.... overall I guess the best way to deal with it as fans is to enjoy what you have, and the value of it comes from within - you waited to get a spot in the front, and being there will be a greater experience because of it - the easy road isn't always the better one. And if someone is invited under non-typical circumstances, hopefully they'll become a fan as well : )

I was one of the models at the Nottingham show and I have got to say I loved it, it was an amazing show they totally rocked! Also can I point out that we weren't paid to see Guns N' Roses, lol do you really think a massive and amazing band like that would pay people to watch them and then meet them backstage?? All I know is, our agency, was contacted by people who work for Guns N' Roses and simply offered 20 or so tickets (think we had 26 in total) and our agent posted it on his facebook group and it was offered on a first come first serve basis to girls who were interested in this amazing opourtunity, we only found out on Friday and the show was on Saturday at Nottingham. Also my heels didn't hurt my feet Wink and I had a wicked time, as did my friend who I invited along, it was her 21st the day before so the show just made her birthday weekend even better, Bumblefoot even got her some cough medicine after the show as she was having a coughing fit. Such a nice guy!!! Great band, great show. But yes I did feel a little bit out of order standing in front of all the die hard fans, but I was told thats where I had to stand.

Thanks so much for giving insight : ) Just to stay on track, this discussion is not to crucify people for being invited to the show, it's to point out that the article made it seem like the band hired women to be there and were taking the best seats away from fans, and that was never the case..........

If you liked Guns N' Roses and your agent offered you a free ticket and a VIP backstage pass, would you say no? Of course you wouldn't!!! A few of the girls there told me they had already seen Guns N' Roses live before and others were already fans!!! I have queued up for ages before for gigs, ended up at the back not being able to see anything so I know how you all feel but just try and enjoy the show regardless, come on its Guns N' Roses for gods sake!!

That article gave people the wrong idea about everything. You shouldn't have to take a bullet because of it, but that's what happens when media pulls this crap without consideration. I appreciate you setting the record straight and *I hope people are listening* : )

With that being siad though...Will fans who bought the VIP packages, actually get to stand front row?

Me & other bandmembers have been taking pics & signing stuff before the show for the VIP folks : )

It was once said that British fans are amongst the most passionate and we are are but we also pride ourselfs on our equality of how we treat others and when things like this are printed it makes those of us that have waited and paid for the chance to see the band that we feel so passionately about well it makes us feel like were not good enough and to be fair in the world we live in at the mo for a lot of music is our only escape from the shit that gets thrown at us so when we read shit like this it just fuels the angry fires that are already burning

That's why I had to say something. The article was inciting disrespect at the expense of fans, band, our families, and the models too. It's no biggie for the paper that wrote it, or any of us in the big life picture, but it does chip away a small piece of what we all have together, and those little pieces do add up over time... Razz

It does chip away at people it makes people feel like there not good enough and not appreciated as I said my hubby bought me VIP tickets that he worked hard for to celebrate our anniversary and I'm only human yes I do want to be at the front and yes I do want to meet you and your wife if only to say thanks for the music that has and still does get a lot of through both good and bad times I don't blame the models for taking the chance to be a part on something so special god knows I would jump through hoops for the chance I just hope they apreciate that they got something that most of us will never get and that's the chance for you to know we exist if only for a few moments,and si as we can tell you haw we feel xxx that may sound pathetic comin from a 36 yr old mother of 2 but that's how most of us feel

There are no 'Haves' and 'Have Nots' at gigs - don't let some article in a paper tap into the things that hurt you. Or think of it this way - if the band is willing to be at a show while dealing with that kind of treatment daily for years, it'd be great if you were willing to come to a show as well and not deny yourself being there to spite a journalist that doesn't even know you. Come enjoy the show and think of it as an exclusive party for band and fans only, for people that want to enjoy themselves, whoever tries to ruin that can stay on the other side of the door.

This discussion has actually quite upset me I know no ones probably interested but I was bulied as a child by both my peers and my parents and never did quite fit in so guns n roses music was my only haven and I know have a 17 yr old autistic son who I am so proud of but the prejadice he has faced has Bern heart wrenching to watch and like myself he finds solace in music and it just hit a raw nerve to read that people were being given preferential treatment because of how they look I'm glad to hear you sign stuff as james cannot attend but would love me to get you to sign somthing for him. I also look forward to shaking your hand as its very rare someone of your stature takes the time to read let alone take our thoughts and feelings into account !!!! I for one do truly thankyou for that from the bottom of my heart xxx

Remember, the fact that we're allowed to make music, go to concerts, and speak our minds, *is* preferential treatment - all how ya look at it. And to those that have made you feel bad, *the best revenge is living well*. Do that.

Will Mrs bumblefoot be there cos to be honest I'm more exited at the prospect of meeting her and discussing her shoe collection than anyone else eeekkkk I think I may combust before Saturday

Haha, she won't be able to join us Razz

Yeah, Mrs B will be there to discuss shoes and maybe even knitting patterns...!!! What are you smoking? I think you'd be better combusting and giving your ticket to someone BETTER Wink (This is actually me using my Scottish sense of 'HUMOUR')!! Light(en) up, you're gonna see The Greatest Rock nRoll Band On The Planet!! (And maybe even talk about shoes with Mrs B, but maybe even share make-up tips with all the MODELS at the front too)....

Never get between a woman and her shoes. Or handbags.
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