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2012.05.08 - Interview with Bumblefoot in GNR Portugal

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2012.05.08 - Interview with Bumblefoot in GNR Portugal Empty 2012.05.08 - Interview with Bumblefoot in GNR Portugal

Post by Soulmonster on Fri May 11, 2012 8:51 am

1 - You've been in Gnr for some time now, what do you think has changed since you first joined? Tommy has said that GN'R with this line up is closer then ever. Do you think the addition of DJ helped you guys getting closer? Do you feel the band gets hate nowadays, as it used to get a few years ago?

Ron - The more we experience together the closer we get. That's the biggest change internally that I experienced, from six years ago to now. Hate is a measure of success - if we're not getting hate, we're not working hard enough, haha.

2 - What can we expect from your solo/jam for the next GN'R shows? New stuff or something already known from your personal repertoire?

Ron - I may bust out a song of my own from one of the albums. We'll see how it comes together...

3 - Are you going to release more singles?

Ron - I'd like to, I just need to be at my studio...

4 - How's like working with so many different artists, like you have throughout your career? Mark Tornillo, POC , Alexa, Scarface and even your fellow Gunners... Do you get as much kick working on a hip hop song, than you do working on a pop or a rock song?

Ron - I do – creating with someone and combining the spirits, I love producing and co-writing...

5 - How was it like to tour small places on the US? Do you prefer being closer like that with the fans ?

Ron - Fantastic. A nice change from the usual scenario, was refreshing.

6 - What are your fondest memories of Portugal?

Ron - Rock In Rio 2006 was one of the first European shows I played with Guns. Looking out and seeing people all the way to the horizon... will never forget it. Thank you all for this experience Obrigado!


P.S: Iremos proceder à tradução da entrevista em breve.
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