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Slash badmouthing Axl in 1997

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Slash badmouthing Axl in 1997 Empty Slash badmouthing Axl in 1997

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:54 am

Thanks to Elevation516 for taking these pictures and writing this over at mygnrforum:

Chances are none of you guys listen to ICP and might not even know that Slash worked with them on a song in the 90s. Anyway, I'm not posting this to really talk about that specifically, but I actually read Violent J from ICP's book a while back and still have it and he talks pretty in depth about working with Slash. Trust me, it's worth reading. So I decided to get some good pics of the pages with my iPhone for the forum's pleasure. Although you never really know what's exaggerated for a better reading experience, this is a pretty brutally honest book and I doubt this is made up; it shows some really animosity and fear towards Axl on Slash's part. Enjoy and discuss.

Slash badmouthing Axl in 1997 377460_272334859494874_100001550872109_755160_367360720_n

Slash badmouthing Axl in 1997 377460_272334862828207_100001550872109_755161_1965005574_n

Slash badmouthing Axl in 1997 377460_272334866161540_100001550872109_755162_883794790_n

Slash badmouthing Axl in 1997 377460_272334869494873_100001550872109_755163_2078956001_n
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Slash badmouthing Axl in 1997 Empty Re: Slash badmouthing Axl in 1997

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:55 am

Until the automatic picture resize function works again I suggest you just right click on the pictures and choose "view picture" to see the complete text.
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Slash badmouthing Axl in 1997 Empty Re: Slash badmouthing Axl in 1997

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:59 am

Here's a transcript of the interesting parts made by "The Glow Inc." at mygnrforum:

"Slash's entourage were all these wolf-looking dudes ( "wolf" is our word for metal heads or burnouts), just milling around in the control room for the two hours it took to get the mix up and ready.
Finally, somebody asked, "You ready, Slash?"
Suddenly, this guy with a ponytail and baseball cap, sitting way in the back said "Let's do this."

Slash had been in the room the whole time. I didn't recognize him without his top hat. I felt like an idiot.
"Brother, I didn't even know that was you; I'm sorry man" I said.
"What's up," he said.
"Well, man, I appreciate you playing guitar on this record!" I said.
"Well man, I think the song's awesome, man. I really do. Me and my girlfriend were in the drive-thru of a fucking Wendy's man, and we were jamming that shit, you know. I love it man."
I was like, "Whoa, this is the shit! Slash likes my song! The chick he fucks likes it, too."
So Slash went into the room with his barge full of amps to play but he didn't want anybody hearing him. We all had to go out into the lobby while Slash did his thing.
I was starting to explain the Dark Carnival to Leif, for the movie thing, when Slash walked out of the studio and into the lobby.
"I'm done," he said.
"Fuck, man, I'm dying to hear it," I said.
"Oh, let 'em get a mix on it first," Slash insisted.
Leif jumped in. "Hey, Slash, how you doing? You remember me? Leif Garrett?"
Slash was like, "Yeah, I met you somewhere, blah blah blah..."
Suddenly I realized I was sitting there hanging out with Leif Garrett, listening to his Michael Jackson jack-off stories, while Slash from Guns N' Roses was playing on my record. I felt pretty fucking good. I couldn't wait to hit up Kinko's that night and write Joey [ Shaggy 2 Dope from ICP, who was in jail at the time ] about it all.
Then Slash turned to me. "I got a question, Joe. This song isn't about Axl, is it ?"
"No, why would you think that ?"
"Well, 'Use Your Illusion,' 'Halls of Illusions' You guys are talking about people who beat their wife and kids ; you sure this isn't about Axl ?'
"No, it's not, man, really."
I realized then that Slash was a great guitar player, but he was completely out of his mind. Why the fuck would I write a song about Axl Rose ? What ?
Slash explained, "Oh, well, it just seemed like it as about him. Shit I wrote a whole fucking album about Axl Rose, and he never even knew it."
I just laughed. I didn't know what the fuck he was talking about.
I kept thinking, "What album? Slash has a record out? Where ? Is he singing on it or something?"
I was steadily realizing how stupidand out of the industry we really were. Then Slash unzipped this bag, and pulled out a Riddle Box shirt.
"I wore your shirt last night on stage," he said. "It's the shit; I love wearing this shirt."
All I could think was, "Where were you on stage last night? Are you back in GnR again?"
Then he started talking to me about how much he hated Axl Rose. "Yeah, fuck that cocksucker..."
"Yeah, well, Slash, bro, this song ain't nothing to do with him," I said quickly.
Slash wasn't going to let it go. He looked me right in the eye.
"You a fan of Axl?" he asked.
Oh shit man. I was stuck, because I did like Axl. In fact, I'm a huge fan of the whole band, but fuck that. Axl ain't here hookin' up our album, so fuck him. I'm down with Slash; in fact, I would've even helped Slash jump that fucker, Axl, if he wanted me to.
"No. I'm a fan of the music of Guns 'n Roses," I said. "I've never met him or nothing."
"Yeah, well, he's a fucking asshole."
"So, Slash, bro, what do we owe you for this man, because you can't just do this for free."
"Just get me a pint of Wild Irish Rose; that's what you owe me." he said.
So Billy got him a pint of Wild Irish Rose from across the street, and Slash drank it down right in front of us. His throat must be like iron. He finished it off like it was warm Kool-Aid. Slash was a drinking ninja. He could gargle toxic waste with exploding jumping jacks, and not even be faded.
"You guys wanna go over to the titty bar across the street ?" he asked. "That's where I'm headed!"
"No," I said, "we're gonna be mixing the song right here."
Fuck man !!! I couldn't stop thinking about how stale I was for flying my girl out there that day. I could have been fuckin' plastic titties with Slash, and drinking wine out of his big-ass top hat.
"Okay, cool. I'll see you guys later, then," Slash said, and shook both my hand and Billy's.
Then he looked my girl right in the eye, and gave here a double squeeze. YES !!! How fresh was that ? Now that's a fuckin' rock star!
As Slash left with his Wild Irish buzz and his ponytail, my girl whipped around, and asked, "Did you see that? He did, like, a double squeeze, and felt my hand all up!"
I was just like, "Yes! Slash!"
Next morning, Slash woke me up with a call to the hotel.
"Hey, Joe, man, turn on the fucking radio; I'm about to do an interview. I'm going to plug you guys."
I thought that was cool as fuck. Slash was cool as fuck. Just another morning in LA. In Detroit, we'd send a bitch back to her parents' car ( if it was still there) and go out for breakfast. Here we were getting wake-up calls from Slash, plugging us on the radio. Too fucking weird.
Then at the studio Slash called again, to see how the mix turned out. I told him we didn't have it done yet. Later, he called back just to chat, like we were these old pals.
"Check this out, I'm doing this, blah blah blah." he'd say.
Pretty soon, he'd just be going on and on about his life.
"Man, Joe. I don't know what to put in my house." he said.
"What are you talking about, Slash ?"
"I got a big, empty house, man. What the fuck should I put in it?"
Like I was going to give Slash advice on interior decorating. We hung up. Then he called back ten minutes after that.
"Hey, Joe, I want to be in the video."
"I don't even know if this song is gonna be the single," I told him, "but if it is, helly yezzy we want you in the video, too!!!"
"Well, when are you guys going on tour? I want to play it live."
Like we were going to ask Slash to be in our band! Like we even had a band. Even though we didn't have a band, I still thought about asking him to join ICP.
I turned to Mike E. Clark. "If Slash calls back, tell him I'm not there."
That was a stale move, but we had so much work to do, it was crazy.
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Slash badmouthing Axl in 1997 Empty Re: Slash badmouthing Axl in 1997

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