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Crash Diet

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Crash Diet

Post by Soulmonster on Thu Jun 02, 2011 4:35 am


Written by:
Guns N' Roses and West Arkeen?

Unknown except that Axl is singing. Possibly Tracii on lead guitar.

Live performances:
This song has never been played live.
Crash diet of reds'n'ludes
A shot of vitamin C and a bottle of booze
Too stupid to live with nothin' to lose
In your one track mind now
Where's that leave you?

Drink'n'drive white lightning faster baby
Takin' your last ride
Now better be so careful or you'll be dead before you time
Sorry you took mother's car now

Tears in my eyes, baby please don't go
You bet (?!) one too many, now one for the road
fresh outta detox, fresh from jail
Took your rehabilitation and you drove me to hell

Drink'n'drive white lightning faster
Takin' your last ride
Better be so careful or you'll be dead before your time
Sorry you took mohter's car now

Too soon, you thought ... ?!
Too late for the pressure and strain
Too bad for those who don't believe it
Ruby street still calls your name

[guitar solo]

Itchy trigger finger and the race to be alive
Smokin' a cig while you drink'n'drive
With no control in your life ahead
You're never gonna see if you wind up dead

Drink'n'drive white lightning faster
Takin' your last ride
Better be so careful or you'll be dead before your time
Drink'n'drive white lightning baby
It's always on your mind
Push or pull your limits baby, do it one more time
Break it down
Break it down
Somethin''s changin', somethin''s breakin'
You gotta be a brother, 'coz ?! your family
?!.... Oh make it
Sweet mystery, Ooohhhh
If you don't care about yourself
Would you please leave me alive
You gonna
You gonna drink'n'drive
Oooohhhhh, Yeeaaah!

'Crash Diet':

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