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1993.08.21 - Star Phoenix - Slash says Adler put on ‘probation’

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1993.08.21 - Star Phoenix - Slash says Adler put on ‘probation’ Empty 1993.08.21 - Star Phoenix - Slash says Adler put on ‘probation’

Post by Blackstar on Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:55 pm

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Slash says Adler put on ‘probation’

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash testified the band put former drummer Steve Adler on “probation” to scare him into kicking his heroin habit, not to get rid of him.

"We were trying to shock him into cleaning up so we could continue on working,” Slash testified Thursday in Adler's lawsuit against the band.

Adler alleges band members tricked him into signing away at least $4 million US in profits before he was thrown out of the band in 1990.

Slash said that under the “probation agreement,” Adler “was going to lose his partnership for a certain amount of time, I think it was 30 days, and he was an employee until he gave up drugs.”

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