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1993.01.DD - Japanese TV - Interviews with Slash and Duff

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1993.01.DD - Japanese TV - Interviews with Slash and Duff Empty 1993.01.DD - Japanese TV - Interviews with Slash and Duff

Post by Blackstar on Sat May 18, 2019 4:25 pm


Slash: When I came up with Sweet Child, the main riff in the beginning, it was a joke. I was only kidding (laughs). And, for some reason, Ax and Iz liked it, and it turned into a song. And for the longest time I hated it, cuz it really was a joke to me. Now that it’s become established, I enjoy playing it, ya know? When we did it in the studio, I started to respect it a little bit more. But when we were rehearsing, I used to cringe every time that the name of that song came up (laughs); you know, I didn’t wanna play it. But things have changed; I enjoy playing it now. The kids will go nuts when we play it live.

[Cut to interview with Duff]

Duff: We didn’t always have – I should hope that we are “polished,” as you say, cuz we have been on tour for two years now. But, you know, we started off with the girls and the girl horn players, who are - they’re all great. They’re great to look at, and we all have fun and they have fun getting dressed up, you know. But it’s not, like, a sexist – it’s not like that at all. I hope people won’t get that, because the girls really have fun getting dressed up, and we have fun goofing around with them, and the most important thing is they’re great musicians, you know? But that’s something we started – I guess, now, - what about 14 months ago. And after we do this Japanese and Australian/New Zealand thing, then we’re done with that. We’re stripping back down to do again Europe and again the States, and then we’re done. But we’re doing it just as a five-piece band again. It’s gonna be called the “Skin N’ Bones” tour.

Text on screen: Why?      

Duff: Okay. Well, it’s very simple. We’ve been touring the whole stadium thing, the whole real kind of big, big events on this tour in the past - you know, we’ve been touring for two years, with like, the real big – what do you say – focus, sort of. And I guess it’s been, like, “Oh, Guns N’ Roses got all these people in the band now. What, are they’re trying to cover up cuz they can’t play?” or “They’re not a rock ‘n’ roll band anymore,” or whatever else people will wanna take a crack at it about. So we’re gonna come back, and it’s kind of like, “Okay, alright, here you go. There’s us again,” ya know? So it’s just basically to prove that on any turf, any place, anywhere, we are the same band.

Text on screen: Paris?      

Duff: Paris? Whoo! Jeff Beck, Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz – a beautiful time.

Text on screen: South America      

Duff: South America, you know, they’re very religious down there. This is heavy. They’re very, very Catholic. And November Rain has been, like, number one down there for a year or something - or more than a year - and it’s, kind of like, their anthem. I forget, I think it was Colombia or something, and they’re very religious, right? It just started raining when November Rain started, and these people just freaked. They were all doing, like, this (makes the catholic cross sign gesture) and they’re like, “Oh, wow!” and praying. It was really heavy.

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