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2019.05.01 - WRIF Detroit Meltdown - Interview with Duff [AUDIO]

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2019.05.01 - WRIF Detroit Meltdown - Interview with Duff [AUDIO] Empty 2019.05.01 - WRIF Detroit Meltdown - Interview with Duff [AUDIO]

Post by Blackstar on Sat May 04, 2019 9:08 am

Transcribed excerpts by Blabbermouth:

In a brand new interview with Meltdown of Detroit's WRIF radio station, GUNS N' ROSES' Duff McKagan was asked if he ever feels underrated as a bass player. He responded: "I don't know where I'm rated. I don't pay attention to that. I'm really so just all into my craft. It's not a contest. I try to play the best…

"Any musician in any band — for a really good band — you know your part in the band," he continued. "If you're a drummer, be the best drummer you can be. If you're a bass player, make yourself as valuable as you can to that band. If you're a rhythm guitar player, lead guitar player, singer…

"I didn't start off as a bass player, and GUNS was the first band I really, like, 'Oh, I'm gonna be a bass player. This is what I'm gonna do,'" he added. "And I really dove into it head first. And [I] listened to Prince, I listened to John Paul Jones, I listened to Paul Simonon from THE CLASH and Lemmy, and KILLING JOKE — all these cool, different bands that really inspired my bass playing. And I just kind of took it from there."

Duff will release his new solo album, "Tenderness", on May 31. The disc sees McKagan reflecting on his experiences traveling the globe over two and a half years on GUNS N' ROSES' "Not In This Lifetime" tour.

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