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1992.06.24 - The St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Untitled (lawsuit)

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1992.06.24 - The St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Untitled (lawsuit) Empty 1992.06.24 - The St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Untitled (lawsuit)

Post by Blackstar on Sat Dec 15, 2018 6:40 pm

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St. Louis County: In a suit filed Monday, security guard Bruce Olsen accuses Axl Rose, lead singer of the band Guns Ν' Roses, of negligence and of inciting a riot in a concert last summer at the Riverport Amphitheater. Olsen says he was punched by Rose and others in the midst of a melee that started after Rose lunged at a spectator who had a camera. Olsen also names the band, the owners of the Riverport and the concert promoters as defendants. Rose also faces three similar lawsuits and four counts of misdemeanor assault and one count of property damage.

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