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1990.07.DD - Unknown source - Interview with Axl [VIDEO]

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1990.07.DD - Unknown source - Interview with Axl [VIDEO] Empty 1990.07.DD - Unknown source - Interview with Axl [VIDEO]

Post by Blackstar on Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:01 am


Interviewer: We’re right here with Axl Rose at Exposure 54. Axl, how you doing, bud?

Axl: I’m doing great, man.

Interviewer: How’s the album doing?

Axl: We'll start the album in about a week or so, and we’ve got a new track coming out in about three weeks.

Interviewer: Yeah, (?)

Axl: It's gonna be on a benefit album, with, like, Elton John and Eric Clapton and the Wilburys and shit.

Interviewer: Oh, great! Yeah, so do you like the girls here, the action? Do you guys ever play Exposure?

Axl: No, we haven’t played here yet. It’s like, I really like the club and it’s neat seeing  something this wild and this big in Hollywood, all the neon lights and everything. It’s kind of exciting. It’s a lot of fun.

Interviewer: Yeah. How’d you like that band (?)

Axl: That was pretty cool. I didn’t see much of it. This is my first night, like, being in a club married.

Interviewer: Yeah? Ohh, wow. And Gene Simmons is here.

Axl: Yeah, well, we don’t get along so well.

Interviewer: Oh, well, great. Great to see you. What’s the name of your new album coming out?

Axl: It might be called Use Your Illusion. We’re talking with an artist named Kostabi, because I bought a painting and we want to use it as a possible cover, and the title of the painting is “Use Your Illusion”, and that’s what we may use. I wrote a song the night before that says, “I bought me an illusion and put it on the wall”, and the next day I found a painting called “Use Your Illusion”, and [cut to another clip]

Axl: I want to introduce you to my wife, Erin Invicta Everly Rose.

Erin: Hello!

Voice-over: Axl has had many triumphs and successes. And to this day the world waits eagerly for the next Guns N’ Roses album, knowing that, without a doubt, when it arrives, it will reinvent the sound of rock ‘n’ roll; and once and for all prove that GN’R is king.

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