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1992.04.06 - New York Magazine - Rose Goes Gunning for Good Coverage

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1992.04.06 - New York Magazine - Rose Goes Gunning for Good Coverage Empty 1992.04.06 - New York Magazine - Rose Goes Gunning for Good Coverage

Post by Blackstar on Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:21 pm

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Axl Rose is having a little fun with the media by playing one interviewer off the other. The controversial lead singer of Guns Ν’ Roses has been talking to producers at Maria Shriver’s First Person and to 20/20’s Barbara Walters about an interview. ‘‘Both Barbara and Maria want to interview him, but they’re both insisting on exclusivity,” says a source. “So he’s trying to extract promises and conditions from each of them and will grant the interview to whoever gives him the best deal.”

Earlier this month, the rock star angered some print journalists with his peculiar behavior. "A number of publications had been trying for months to profile him,” says an insider. “Suddenly, Bryn Bridenthal [Rose’s P.R. woman] called them all and said anyone who phoned in the next hour could talk to him. Vanity Fair, which was considering putting him on the cover, couldn’t get hold of its writer in time. One of the few publications that could was Musician.” Says a Musician editor, “It’s not really that sinister. Axl Rose read a profile of him in Rolling Stone that he had been nervous about. He felt really good about it and told Bryn, ‘Hey, I’m in the mood to talk.’ ”

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