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1991.08.DD - Aktuellt SVT (Sweden) - Interview with Slash [VIDEO]

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1991.08.DD - Aktuellt SVT (Sweden) - Interview with Slash [VIDEO] Empty 1991.08.DD - Aktuellt SVT (Sweden) - Interview with Slash [VIDEO]

Post by Blackstar on Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:19 am


[Host talks in Swedish]

[Live footage]

Slash: I’d say it’s one of the few bona fide rock bands that’s in the current crop of new bands in the industry right now. The best way of putting it is that we hold true to certain rock ‘n’ roll standards. Standards that we grew up with, you know? And I just don’t see a lot of people doing it right now. It seems very stale, and contrived, and it’s very monetary at this point. And I think it’s got very predictable.

[Live footage – Voice-over in Swedish]

Interviewer: Why are you so nasty?

Slash: I thought I was fine (chuckles). That’s... You know, other people say that. I mean, that’s just someone else’s opinion, I suppose. It’s not something I work at.

Interviewer: But all these headlines and stuff, do you think that’s...

Slash: Yeah, but a lot of it, it’s all hype and everybody’s out looking for that. They’re trying to pin something on us, you know, or to nail us with some, sort of like, decadent cliché or something. I don’t know, we seem to be everybody’s scapegoats. And, you know, scapegoats for their fucking... their own fantasies or something. I mean, a lot of people complaining are the people that wish they were doing it, I suppose.

[Live footage]

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