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2017.01.DD - Mitch Lafon podcast - Interview with Matt (excerpts)

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2017.01.DD - Mitch Lafon podcast - Interview with Matt (excerpts)

Post by Blackstar on Sun Nov 25, 2018 2:56 pm


Matt Sorum: Nirvana Giving GN'R the Middle Finger Was the Best Statement They Could Possibly Make

"We invited Nirvana to come out on the road with us and they basically flipped us off," former Guns N' Roses drummer explains.

Ex-GN'R drummer Matt Sorum recently touched on his former band's feud with Nirvana back in the '90s, saying that flipping Guns off was the best thing the grunge champions could do.

He tells Mitch Lafon: "Nirvana brought it back to earth. The hair metal thing was so glitzy and glammy and over the top."

Pointing out that GN'R did not fall into that over-the-top category, the drummer added: "We invited Nirvana to come out on the road with us and they basically flipped us off.

"And that was the perfect answer, that was the punk-rock thing to do - to say, 'Guns N' Roses is corporate, fuck you guys! We're not coming down to bow down and kiss your ass! We're Nirvana!' That was the right statement for them to make, and they took the world over."

Sorum further noted that music genres and trends aren't that relevant, and that it's all about the songs.

"Like any period of music that gets big - the rap metal thing - what bands remain?", he asked. "Korn and maybe Linkin Park. But [labels] must have signed hundreds of those bands too. I'd have to say the originators of that sound are Faith No More, who came way before Linkin Park or Korn. But only the good ones remain that go forward."


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