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1990.11.03 - Melody Maker - Guns Blaze Back

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1990.11.03 - Melody Maker - Guns Blaze Back Empty 1990.11.03 - Melody Maker - Guns Blaze Back

Post by Soulmonster on Sat Nov 10, 2018 5:56 pm

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GUNS N' ROSES have almost finished their long-awaited new album and there are plans for UK dates in the summer.

A band spokeswoman said that the double LP, the follow-up to their 1987 10 million-selling debut, "Appetite For Destruction", is complete apart from some of W Axl Rose's vocals.

She added, "It sounds excellent. It's fabulous. The yve really done a great album. Slash has improved so much on guitar. He really kicks ass on this one.

"They didn't even think about trying to compete with 'Appetite For Destruction' while they were recording, thank God. Before they even got to the studio, they had 56 songs ready to go, and that was before Axl came in with his. It was a matter of working through which ones were right for the album.

"Axl still has to do quite a bit of vocal. He doesn't sing every day he sings when it suits him. But if everything goes according to schedule, it should be released in mid-April or the beginning of May."

A world tour, beginning in Europe, will be organised to coincide. Guns N' Roses are already in rehearsal for this.

The news comes as a relief to fans who were beginning to doubt that the LP would ever materialise, after a series of incidents which appeared to threaten the group's future. The most dramatic was Rose's announcement onstage in October last year that the band were going to split - a reaction to Slash's heroin problem.

There were also rumours that Guns N' Roses were getting along so badly that they recorded their studio parts at separate times. The group's spokeswoman said this week, "They've been playing very well together, and getting along really, really well.

They're all in great shape. Slash just came back from a week's vacation in Mexico, all sun-tanned and healthy, and the others all turned up for his surprise birthday party.

"They recorded four live tracks in one-and-a-half hours, for B-sides, and it sounds great."

In the more immediate future, Guns N' Roses play live at the Rock In Rio festival on January 18.
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