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2018.09.25 - Triple M Brisbane - Interview with Slash [AUDIO]

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2018.09.25 - Triple M Brisbane - Interview with Slash [AUDIO] Empty 2018.09.25 - Triple M Brisbane - Interview with Slash [AUDIO]

Post by Blackstar on Sun Oct 07, 2018 10:44 pm

Slash Opens Up About Making Up With Axl Rose And Talks About His New Album
He was actually the better man

Talking to Brendan from Triple M Brisbane’s The Big Breakfast off the back of the release of his latest record Living The Dream, Slash opened up about reuniting with Guns N’ Roses.

The world famous 20 year riff between Slash and frontman Axl Rose had the music world thinking a Guns N’ Roses reunion was impossible.

Discussing the reunion, Slash said:
“He was actually the better man of the two of us. He gave me a call when I was on the road with Myles and the guys and it was the first conversation we’d had in 20 years”.

The ice breaking conversation lead to the point the band reuniting for a one off Coachella Festival appearance, followed by a massive world tour, which Slash said:
“(Guns N’ Roses) is one of the most fantastic experiences of my professional career, I would have been the last one to see that coming”.

Listen to the full interview:

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