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1991.09.24 - Guitarist Stradlin May Stop Touring With Guns N' Roses

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1991.09.24 - Guitarist Stradlin May Stop Touring With Guns N' Roses

Post by Blackstar on Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:47 am

Guitarist Stradlin May Stop Touring With Guns N' Roses

Los Angeles Times

Just as Geffen Records announced that Guns N' Roses' two new albums sold a record 2.5-million copies each during their first week of release, there were reports Monday that rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin may stop touring with the Los Angeles hard-rock band.

Neither Geffen Records nor Doug Goldstein, the group's manager, would comment on reports of Stradlin's rumored action--rumors that began after the guitarist failed to show up for a video shoot Sept. 15 in Los Angeles.

Bryn Bridenthal, vice president of publicity for Geffen, said at that time that Stradlin was taking advantage of the first break in a two-year, worldwide tour to take a vacation in Europe and didn't want to return just for the video.

But Tom Atencio, the co-manager of rock group Jane's Addiction, said Monday that David Navarro, the group's guitarist, has been contacted about sitting in for Stradlin if the guitarist decides to stop touring. Guns N' Roses is scheduled to resume touring in the U.S. late next month.

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