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1992.04.12 - Concert Is Canceled After Band's Singer Flees to Avoid Arrest

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1992.04.12 - Concert Is Canceled After Band's Singer Flees to Avoid Arrest

Post by Blackstar on Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:41 am

AP, Chicago

The rock group Guns 'n' Roses canceled a concert here on Friday night because its lead singer, W. Axl Rose, had fled town to avoid arrest on misdemeanor charges stemming from a disturbance at a concert near St. Louis last summer.

The St. Louis County authorities have charged Mr. Rose with assault and property damage because of the disturbance on July 2 in which about 40 concertgoers and 25 police officers were injured. Witnesses said the melee began when he leaped from the stage to snatch a camera from a fan and then stormed off, abruptly ending the show.

Mr. Rose has said that he was trying to stop a fight and that the band was willing to go back on but was told to leave. He has blamed security personnel for the riot.

Band Cancels Show

This week the authorities in St. Louis County asked the Sheriff's Department of Cook County, Ill., to enforce a bench warrant for Mr. Rose's arrest. Officers told the band's managers that Mr. Rose would have the option of surrendering either before or after the show scheduled for Friday night at the 18,000-seat Horizon in suburban Rosemont. Instead, the band canceled the concert about 30 minutes before it was to start, and a spokeswoman for its label, Geffen Records, confirmed that Mr. Rose had fled.

"He wasn't anxious to spend any time in jail without reason," said the spokeswoman, Bryn Bridenthal. "To suddenly extradite him over a misdemeanor charge, there's no cause."

The misdemeanor charges carry a combined penalty of up to four-and-one-half years in jail and $4,500 in fines.

Geffen Records said the band had also canceled shows scheduled for Monday and Tuesday in Auburn Hills, Mich.

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