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Post by Soulmonster on Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:12 pm

The other thread presents the history of GN'R in contextual chapters where each chapters has a specific theme. This thread will present a more chronological timeline of the main events. It will basically be a summary of the longer history thread. I will skip references for this chapter to make it more condense and easier to read.

1984.10.31: Axl and Tracii comes up with a new band (or possible label) called "Guns N' Roses" after Axl are fired (or possible left) L.A. Guns.
1985.03.DD: L.A. Guns has booked the Troubadour for March 26, but their singer has quit. Tracii asks Axl to come back to do this gig. They decide to do it as "Guns N' Roses". Izzy from Hollywood Rose is brought in, too. The lineup is Axl, Tracii, Izzy, Rob and Ole.
1985.03.DD: Some days later, Ole is fired from the band when he doesn't come to rehearsal. Izzy suggests to bring in this guy who lives across his street. That guy is Duff.
1985.03.DD: The band cuts a demo in Willie Basse's studio with the songs 'Think About You,' 'Don't Cry,' and 'Anything Goes'. The same day they bring the tracks to a radio interview with KFPK FM Los Angeles.
1985.03.26: Just a few days later the band plays its first gig at the Troubadour.
1985.04.11: The band plays its second gig at Radio City.
1985.04.24: The band plays its third gig, and its second at the Troubadour.
1985.04.25: The next day they play at the Dancing Waters Club.
1985.04.27: The band plays its fifth gig at the Timber's Ballroom.
1985.05.11: The band plays its sixth gig at Radio City.
1985.05.12: The band plays its seventh gig at Joshua's Parlour.
1985.05.DD: Traci leaves or is fired from the band. A few days later Rob leaves, too.
1985.05.DD: In late May, Slash is brought in to replace Tracii. Steven have to audition for the role as the band's new drummer.
1985.06.06: The new lineup plays its firs gig together, only a few days after Slash and Steven (tentatively) joined the band. This is the first gig for which we know the complete setlist: A mix of Hollywood Rose songs and covers.
1985.06.DD: Duff suggests a tour up in Seattle. They ask Steven the day before if he wants to join, which he eagerly does, thus cementing his role as the drummer in the band.
1985.06.12: The first and only gig at their Seattle tour, on June 8 or 12. The tour ended abruptly due to numerous troubles. The band returns to Los Angeles.
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