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1985.03.X - Interview with the band on KPFK

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1985.03.X - Interview with the band on KPFK

Post by Soulmonster on Fri Mar 16, 2018 7:51 pm


KPFK: Well, I don't know too much history of this band except it formed from two bands, LA Guns and [the band helps her] Hollywood Rose.

Izzy: Yeah, we are all from the gutter and we formed together and we're just playing around. We got a gig! [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

KPFK: What's Radio City?

Izzy: Radio City is down in the ghettos [?] of Orange County. And [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] at the Dancing Waters Club down in San Pedro. That's a Thursday night I think, and plus, don't forget the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] this Tuesday night.

KPFK: That's the local show?

Izzy: Yeah, with [?] and Vinyl Fetish [?]

KPFK: LA Guns put out a record a few months back on Raz' Records...

Someone: Good ol' Raz.

KPFK: was the group before. Okay, so we have here...Tracii and Izzy, and Rob. Uhm, there was somebody else...

Someone: Axl's up in the [?]

Someone: Axl's getting [?]

KPFK: Can't smoke in here.

KPFK: Who is in this band, what do you all do, and what is this tape we're gonna play?

Izzy: This is Guns N' Roses and the band is myself, Izzy, Izzy Stradlin, guitar, Tracii Guns, guitar, Axl Rose on vocals, Axl and I came from Hollywood Rose originally, and Rob Gardner on drums, and Duff plays bass. This song's called 'Don't Cry Tonight' and it's a song Axl and I just wrote a couple of weeks ago. It's kinda a sad song. But it is cool. So you know everybody, grab a Kleenex.

[Parts of Don't Cry is played]

KPFK: This is still KPFK Los Angeles and we're still here with [?] [the band chimes in] Guns N' Roses.

Izzy: The band Guns N' Roses, a lot of people probably haven't heard of it 'cause it is two bands combined, like we're saying LA Guns and Hollywood Rose, and basically a rock and roll band, you know. I guess the roots go back to all kinds of stuff, early Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Stones, you know, Iggy. Tracii met Jimmy Page at the Rainbow last week. We got all kinds of different influences. And we're gonna be playing around and we hope all kinds of people come to see us. I like the Fetish Crowd [?] and once in a while I go to the Rainbow [?], Glam Slam, all those places.

KPFK: Speaking of those places, we have the infamous Missy and Psychedelic Stew here of the Glam Slam and Fetish Crowd and they are happy answering your phone calls and you can call and talk to them. And you can call and talk to Guns N' Roses.

Someone: Yeah, we'll talk.

KPFK: 818-5-KPFK.

Someone in low voice: Ask for Traci.

KPFK: Ask for Tracii, he is somewhere [?]

Someone: Yeah, he is bored [?]

Axl: [unintelligbly] .. one place where you are vulnerable.

Izzy: Yeah, so we are placing this Tuesday, at what, the 26th? At the Troubadour, 10 o'clock. You can pick up flyers, get them free. Don't have to spend any money.

Axl: [unintelligble]... it will be a white van.

Izzy: You will see the van says La Guns, which is going to be changed [laughter] Get some spray paint. Yeah, and also final party...

Axl: Meet me at Kenny's Restaurant! It's on [?] In 24 hours, I will buy [?]

Izzy [?]: Vinyl Fetish, Tower Records, Tower Videos, they all got our flyers with our mugs on and our names and everything. Rob, you have anything to say for yourself?

Rob: What?

KPFK: What do you do, Rob?

Izzy: Rob's the drummer!

KPFK: He plays drums!

Izzy (?): He is pretty good!

Rob: I play drums, I [?]

Izzy (?): The songs you just heard. We just actually did them before we came in here. Just a couple of hours ago we had a rehearsal [?] and you know we had to put something together for you guys. We got a EP coming up, it's gonna be a picture disc, and it will include...

Axl: 'Heartbreak Hotel'!

Izzy (?): By Elvis Prestley. The song 'Don't Cry', which you just heard, the slow one. 'I Think About You'. And another one that everybody still like (?), 'Anything Goes', a really hot song (?). I'll cue (?) the tape up.

Axl mumbling in the background.

KPFK: Who is this? Who is this person?

Axl: This is Axl Rose from LA Guns and for anyone who is out there, this is still live tonight, and this is 'Anything Goes'!

['Anything' Goes is played. During the song Axl introduces Duff: "And on the bass, brand new, Duff!"]

KPFK: Yeah, well, that was Guns N' Roses with 'Anything Goes'...

Someone: Thank you!

KPFK: ...that's about what this is tonight, anything goes.

The band cheers.

KPFK: And come see them at the Troubadour.

Axl: Come see me in 5 minutes at Kenny's Restaurant at (?), right across the street!

KPFK: Thank you guys, see you later! This is KPFK Los Angeles.

Someone: Bye! Take care!

[It was hard to understand everything that was said. Some of the quotes attributed to Izzy might have been from Tracii.]
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Re: 1985.03.X - Interview with the band on KPFK

Post by Soulmonster on Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:08 am

The interviewer for KPFK was DJ Hope. The songs they play was recorded in Willie Basse's studio (Wilpower Studios) right off the mixing board, according to Raz. Tracii's mom recorded the show on cassette and gave a copy to Raz, which he then uploaded to Youtube in 2018.
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