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2013.04.16 - Richard answers question on Dead Daisies Facebook page

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2013.04.16 - Richard answers question on Dead Daisies Facebook page

Post by Soulmonster on Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:28 pm

Kerrie Hadfield: Richard, like my friend Jon *JUDAS* your experience in the industry is very well known and you know what you're doing and what works for you, but I'd just like to know how YOU felt about things when DD was just getting started and what made you decide to get involved in this band...?
Richard: Hi Kerrie, I came in to this project because Charley Drayton called me about it. I'd be familiar with Jon Stevens from his work with Noiseworks and I love his voice. So coming in to this band was based on those 2 things and the songs

Katrina Dawes: Hi Richard , r guys thinking of coming down to hobart would love to see u play.
Richard: Hi Katrina, i hope that we will be in Hobart soon. We are currently trying to book dates for July/August, when i finish with Gn'R in the US.

Sian Jones: I am missing out on everything so far Richard as no one ever comes to Darwin (hint hint)
Richard: I'll see what i can arrange! I'd love to go to Darwin. Never been.... yet

GregandJulie Wear: Richard ..thoughts on Acoustic ? Wink
Richard: i don't understand.

Kylie Young: oh and Richard Fortus, I would love to know how you find the time to work out and keep in shape when you are on tour!?
Richard: well... i'm fairly sober now, so i have loads of time on the road!

Rita Phil Kluge: Hi Richard, Billy would lov' this!!! Did u hear he lost his job because of being such a fan hope u well!! Sorry I missed out saying good bye to you (metro)x
Richard: Hi Rita! Thanks for the massage! I heard about Billy. Shame. Now he's trying to save up $ to go to the states to see the next Gn'R tour! Hope to see you while here in Australia

Kylie Young: Hi Richard Fortus! I have been lucky enough to see you play with Guns N' Roses in Las Vegas last November and just last month in Brisbane. Can you divulge to us die hard fans if there are any plans to head to the studio to record new material? I think you are an amazing guitarist and would LOVE to hear some cool, unique new stuff from what I consider to be the most intensely epic GnR line up to date!
Richard: ahhh, thanks Kylie! Really appreciate your kind words and support. Yes, we are preparing to record some new stuff.

GregandJulie Wear: Hello Richard..Congrats on your Music career thus far.. Sweet Child O'Mine is my Guns N 'Roses Fav.. Love the energy ..What Music inspires You ? 'Lock & Load' - Are The Dead Daisies going to line Slash Up for a Live Show ..could be an imminent event wishes to you guys & your up & coming Live Shows .. I will be there
Richard: Hiya, thanks! What music inspires me? I'm constantly looking for new music to inspire me. lately.... FOXYGEN! Love them. oh, and Findlay. Also enjoying the new Nick Cave and the new Bowie. Also the new Soundgarden is surprisingly good!

Cherryl Higgins: Hi Richard, when you play guitar in different bands, do you use/have the same mindset or do you change depending on who you're performing with and what band it is? (I'll be seeing The Dead Daisies perform when they support Aerosmith in Brisbane... Looking forward to it!
Richard: that's an excellent question, Cherryl. I do try and approach different bands from a different angle. A lot of that is dictated by the songs and also by the gear that i choose to use for that particular gig. Different guitars make you play differently, as do different amps.

Melissa Giorgi: Hi Richard! How was born the idea of doing a song with Slash?
Richard: trust me, it wasn't my idea! The song was done before I was asked to play with the band.

Rob Erdem: Thanks Richard The Dead Daisies for setting this up, hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Aus, 4tus!
Richard: thanks Rob! Hope to see you soon.

Aaron Desveux: Will the 3D GNR concert get a release in Australia ??
Richard: good question....hmmmm....

Roy Page: Hey Richard
Really enjoyed the GNR show in Perth in March I'm a big GNR fan and you guys really rock
My question is there's been a lot flying around lately about a new GNR album can you shed any light on this totally understand if you can not
Richard: thanks Roy! We're working on it!

Rob Erdem: Hey 4tus! I see slash got to record a song on the latest album, did y ou get to spend some time with him in the studio?
Richard: nope

Aaron Desveux: Would a joint tour of GNR & Sixx Am ever be in the future ??
Richard: i doubt that

Rob Erdem: Hey Richard, Axl said recently that he's planning on releasing silkworms this year, any chance that the song will feature on the next album?
Aaron Desveaux: Hey man, silkworms was a rough demo of prostitute or rhiad & the benodunis
Rob Erdem: no, its not a demo of prostitute or rhiad, its an original song. Richard can you shed some light on perhaps new music this year?
Richard: Aaron, you are mistaken and Rob, you are correct.

Aaron Desveaux: Out of bumblefoot or Dj ashba whose the better guitarist haha ??
Any new gnr material this year ?
Richard: I piss all over both of 'em!

Paul Leviss: I am new to the rock n roll style. Liked your solo at the O2 London last year. Had a hillbilly theme to it. Who should I listen too. To pick up these skills. I thought it sounded great. So how should an experiecned player learn the rock n roll essentials. Learn some solid riffs and perhaps some nice chicken pickin. Any people that influenced your style. Can you recomend any cd's for these genre of playing
Richard: I have a strange bastardized country/rock hybrid thing going on in that solo. I'd suggest listening to Tony Rice, Danny Gatton, Merle Travis, etc.. there are SO many great country players. Clarence White was a big influence on me
Richard: as was Albert Lee!

Sex,drugs and Guns N' Roses: Hello Richard, tell us about your entry in The Dead Daisies.2-Is there some plans for new Gnr music through iTunes in 2013 and Europe tour in 2014? Thanks.(Mau)
Richard: I came in to the Dead Daisies through my good friend, Charley Drayton. Charley is one of my favorite people and one of the greatest musicians i've ever had the pleasure of working with. I don't think there is a better drummer on the planet. When he calls, i go. I know that i'm gonna learn something!

Gregg Lee: Here's an easy How the fk do you get so good? How can u jump all over the show, spin and totally go off ya tree and not mess up? How, just how?
Richard: years of playing on stage. I think that's the ONLY way to do it. You can practice with your band forever, but until you step on a stage and start doing it, you'll never get there

Rob Finch Patterson: What's your current rig like? Is the gear you have listed on the 4tus website what you're using on this tour? What's the one effect pedal you couldn't live without?
Richard: man, i really need to update my site! I have SO much more stuff to put on there! It's a small fraction of what i actually have. My current Daisies rig is SICK!!!! I'm just using this amazing old plexi 50 watt PA head that was modded by Obeid Khan. It's such an amazing amp. Using a Trussart strat that James just made for me. Sounds fantastic. Also using a Klon, a wah and a Strymon El Capistan delay. that's it
Rob Finch Patterson: Siiiiick can't wait to hear it in action!
Richard: i'm having SO much fun playing through it! Rehearsals are such a blast. Marco Mendoza is KILLING it! He's one of my favorite bass players. So nice to be playing with him again.

Aaron Desveaux: Hey Richard, do your tattoos have any special meaning behind them, which ones are your favourite ?
Richard: My favorite at the moment is on my back! Not quite done yet, but almost. All have special meanings

Ellen Fowler: @richard can you come to Sydney please! I need to see you play again, you're amazing!
Richard: hi Ellen, you missed me last night with Rose Tattoo! I got to play 2 of my favorite Tats trax (Won't be Beaten and Bad Boy for Love)

Gregg Lee: many awkward moments and convo's have u and Slash had regarding Axl? Very Happy Seriously tho man, you rock! Caught u with GnR and will cya with D.D at Aerosmith gig!
Richard: Thanks Gregg, ummm.... No conversations regarding Axl with Slash. I didn't work with Slash on Lock n' Load. That track was written quite a while ago.
Richard: oh, and thanks for your support! I can't wait to play before Aerosmith. They were such an important band to me growing up

Luci Webster: @Richard - I don't want to ask you something, I'd like to tell you something. Thanks for the hand towel that I caught at the GNR show. I was front row and jumped sky high for that thing. I think I needed it more than you! Hang on, maybe I do wanna ask you something as well. Will you guys be coming to Perth? Cheers
Richard: Sadly, we will not be in Perth this time. I had a blast there with Gn'R though! I love that town.

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Re: 2013.04.16 - Richard answers question on Dead Daisies Facebook page

Post by puddledumpling on Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:55 am

I like these kind of artist/fans interactions.

Richard sounds ready-with-bells-on to develop new GN'R material whenever the "clan" gathers to DO IT. I suspect things have been demo'd left and right in twosomes and threesomes from the line-up and they'll select some to develop full group when they've got a pile. Some writers are likely more prolific then others and the "sound" of the band could go so many different ways - that's one of the real beauties of GN'R. Always has been.

I very much enjoy the "country/rock" fusion type of stuff Richard mentions in response to a musician/fan in the facebook conversation above. The bumper/jams between songs I heard at one of the two GN'R shows I attended last November of 2011 were in this vein, more than one of them, and were clearly worked out by the whole band and featured some thoughtful two-guitar part harmonized and also counter melodic sequences as segues into set-listed songs and to me they sounded almost like an homage to Ronnie Wood. The second show I saw almost two weeks later had different jams that I was actually familiar with from listening to fan-made bootlegs from the European shows.

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Re: 2013.04.16 - Richard answers question on Dead Daisies Facebook page

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Apr 16, 2013 6:06 pm

I am trying to do another A4D interview with Richard, I hope it will work out.
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Re: 2013.04.16 - Richard answers question on Dead Daisies Facebook page

Post by Uli on Tue Apr 16, 2013 11:47 pm

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] wrote:I am trying to do another A4D interview with Richard, I hope it will work out.

Good idea. We'll see if he has any more news on the "plans" to do something with GN'R soon.

Yes, we are preparing to record some new stuff.

Sounds hopeful. Then again, he'll play with DD as soon as GN'R tour is over. Hope there'll be enough time left...

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Re: 2013.04.16 - Richard answers question on Dead Daisies Facebook page

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