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Neil Young Twitter Q&A: Things We Learned About Bono, Jack White, Dave Grohl, Foster the People

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Neil Young Twitter Q&A: Things We Learned About Bono, Jack White, Dave Grohl, Foster the People

Post by Soulmonster on Thu Oct 25, 2012 2:38 am

Neil Young Twitter Q&A: Things We Learned About Bono, Jack White, Dave Grohl, Foster the People
Posted on Oct 24th 2012 5:05PM by Jason MacNeil

Neil Young spent an hour on Twitter this afternoon (Oct. 24) to answer some fan questions ranging from possibly working with Axl Rose, Jack White and Dave Grohl, to taking another verbal swing at Bono.

It was a dizzy, delirious time in the twitverse, so we've tried to bring some order to the chaos that was #askneil becoming a top trending topic around the world.

Here, then, are some of the things we learned from the Neil Young Twitter Q&A:

1) One fan mentioned how the first four albums of his career had been remastered and reissued and if there were plans for additional reissues.

"I've remastered the whole catalog #askneil," Young said, meaning there will be plenty of remastered material to come from Young in addition to his new studio releases.

2) Young's first answer was to a fellow Canadian musician, Limblifter member Ryan Dahle. Dahle asked Young if it was an "old Firebird pickup in your Les Paul?"

"Yes," Young replied.

3) When asked if Young would record with Guns n' Roses singer Axl Rose in the future, he said "Axl and I are doing a world tour together #askneil".

Neil might have been trolling a bit with that one, although Gn'R did perform at the Bridge School benefit show last weekend with Young and the band tweeted "tell him thanks for the amazing weekend #askneil #SupportBridgeSchool."

4) A Jack White collaboration? "I like Jack White #askneil" Young said.

5) A Dave Grohl collaboration? "Yes, I think we will #askneil" he tweeted.

6) Yes, he likes Radiohead.

7) From the new generation of bands, who would he "rate" as good? Foster the People.

8) Although there were few political questions in light of the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, Young was asked how politics changed his music through the years. "Ask me in two weeks," Young replied.

Young also managed to get another barb in at U2 singer Bono, somebody who he slammed indirectly in his autobiography Waging Heavy Peace for the "long-winded oratory" Bono gave when introducing Frank Sinatra when Sinatra accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammys.

A fan named with the username "akemi99" tweeted regarding Young mentioning Foster the People: "btw, bono said he likes them too, it is surprising two super stars like them.." the fan said.

"who is Bono? #askneil" Young replied.

There were many, many unanswered questions during the chat and some notable names got ignored. Justin Bieber's guitarist Dan Kanter, the man responsible for getting the Biebs into Phish, tweeted the following question: "Hey @neilyoung, do you like fellow Canadian @justinbieber's acoustic renditions? #askneil." Meanwhile, rapper D-Sisive asked "How much does the average freight train weigh?"

For the record, none of the questions asked by Spinner editors, which included queries about the favorite wild game he likes to eat, who his favorite musicians under the age of 30 are, what he thought of Fisker electric cars catching fire, or any of the ones blasted through our official twitter account (follow us @spinner) got answered.

Young is currently on a North American tour that sees him playing in Tuscaloosa, Alabama tomorrow night (Oct. 25) before heading to Canada for a string of dates in November.
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Re: Neil Young Twitter Q&A: Things We Learned About Bono, Jack White, Dave Grohl, Foster the People

Post by Uli on Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:28 am

I will go to see Neil Young & Crazy Horse tonight! Very Happy 
Should be a good gig, as they've always performed with such intensity. Just love their rough guitar sound.
(Wonder how many people will walk out with hands over their ears, expecting just the quiet Neil Young like "Heart of gold" etc.!)

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