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I Don't Care About You

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I Don't Care About You

Post by Soulmonster on Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:49 am

The Spaghetti Incident?, 1993, track no. 12.

Written by:
Lee Ving (Fear).

Vocals: W. Axl Rose
Lead & Rhythm Guitars: Slash
Rhythm Guitar: Gilby Clarke
Bass: Duff McKagan
Drums: Matt Sorum
Background Vocals: Slash, Rikki Rachtman, S.C. Bailey, Blake Stanton, Eric Mills

Live performances:
'I Don't Care About You' has never been played live.


I'm from south Philadelphia
I'm from Avenue C
I've seen the empty eyes of a vacant breed
I'm from the Valley too

I Don't Care About You
Fuck you!
I Don't Care About You
Fuck you!

I seen Hollywood Boulevard
Wellfair hotel
And I spent the night in jail
At the Wilkins Hotel


I seen an old man have a heart attack in Manhattan
Well, he died while we just stood their looking at him
Ain't he killed


I seen men rolling drugs
I seen bodies in the streets
I saw a man who was sleeping in his own puke
And a man with no legs crawl down 5th street
Trying to God to get something to eat


Fuck you!

Uh, that hurt man

That song happens to be a sentiment that I appreciated for as long as I can remember. In our junkie days, me and a friend of mine, Danny Biral, used to cruise around town in this huge green Oldsmobile and try to cop. We listened to the Fear cassette because that's all we had. That song turned into an anthem for us. When the band was talking about punk songs, I was adamant about doing that one [Gill (1994) Punk Days Revisited: Slash Returns To His Roots, Guitar Player - Jan, 1994].

"Buick Makane", "Hair Of The Dog", and "I Don't Care About You" were my ideas.[Guitar Player, January 1994]

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Re: I Don't Care About You

Post by Blackstar Yesterday at 3:28 am

A video was made for this song by August Jakobsson, the director of photography in the (unreleased) Use Your Illusion documentary and in the "Making Of" videos, who had also done videos for Duff's Believe In Me and Slash's Good To Be Alive.

Apparently it was never officially released (no wonder why).

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