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2002.11.08 - Interview with Axl

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2002.11.08 - Interview with Axl Empty 2002.11.08 - Interview with Axl

Post by Soulmonster on Thu May 10, 2012 8:15 am

Given to KISW Radio in Seattle on the afternoon of Fry 8th November, the day after the plugg was pulled at the last minute by venue managers on GN'R's show kicking off the 2002 tour in Vancouver, sparking a small riot.

Interviewer: Well im at the controls and when a guys called Axl Rose calls me,thats exactly what I'm gonna do (interupt the programing they were having) Whats going on Axl?

Axl: Whats happening? Getting Ready to play!

Interviewer: Ya man, so welcome to seatle dude!

Axl: Yeah, well, right now its beating Vancouver!

Interviewer: Ya, so you wanna adress last night at all?

Axl: Sure, um we were gonna play a show and the plug got pulled on us. We were fully able to meet our commitments and we dont really understand what happened right now, why the show as pulled, we have legal team looking into it , to get to the bottom of it. And we have to sort out things about the people who bought tickets and things like that but basicly the buliding manager just decided and in our opinion; prematurely that the show was just canceled, and he didnt discuss it with anyone. He just announced it over the P.A, we found out, my guys found out over the P.A system.

Interviewer: I had read that you were like stuck in L.A or something..

Axl: No, I was in a plane on the way to the show. It gets complicated, the manager of the building said that the doors wouldin't open until he had confirmation that we were wheels up , that the plane was in the air, and as soon as he had that confirmation he canceled the show without teling anybody.

Interviewer: That takes some balls man!

Axl: And not only did he cancel the show, he canceled the show and before this.. I dont know if it was a riot or disturbance whatever started, they had police at the airport what was going on with me. So.. its all kinda screwy.

Interviewer: Well, lets look ahead till tonight. Tonights gonna be the kick-off and I know tonight is gonna be exciting night for a lot of people because, you know other than your appearance on MTV , you looked great on that dude, you looked realy really good, like you know what? Axl has not lost, he has not lost a step not lost a beat , you were on it and tonight people have been waiting, dude, this is gonna be the biggest night in a lot of people lives in 9 years bro!

Axl: Well your too kind but the MTV thing was alot of fun and we just basicly were working on putting that little medley on that day because we didn't know we were playing it until a couple of days before it, becasue it was still in negotiations so you know we were really happy to be able to do that , it jut blew all of our minds, when we were out there and doing it, when the curtain went up it was like is this really happening? So we're excited to be doing this, this is still a pre-lim of trying to get some road legs(?) with this line-up, with this band, y'know? We just did a mini-tour in Asia and Europe a little bit and now we're doing this and we're all out to show people that this band rocks, this band can play, this band does justice to its old material, and its a real exciting thing to watch.

Interviewer: I gotta say, regarding to the MTV thing when you said "Is this really happening?" from a viewers stand-point I was thinking the exact same thing!

Axl: *laughs*

Interviewer: What has been the biggest chalenge for you, and actualy on the other side of that the best thing of getting the new line-up together and getting out there?

Axl: The biggest chalenge is that, in working with these people kind of developed one on one individual relationships, and little groups in putting this thing together, i mean this isnt a band of a bunch of guys who met at a bar, or found each other in adds in the paper. ITs been carefully looked for these individual people and they're personalities and how exciting each one of them is and what they bring to this project. So then, teh challenge was working with all those different personalities, and bringing those personalities together, especialy personalities that you know when they have to learn how to play other peoples material then thats difficult as well. So there was alot of chalenges in bringing that together but now everyone is pretty excited, everyone got pretty excited doing the little mini-tour, and that brought us together more as an actualy band rather than a studio band where everyone is kind of working seperatly maybe not even on the same songs, in little clusters here and there, but its not the same thing as actualy being a stage and road band.

Interviewer: It sounds like realy nurtured relationships with these guys, and the new C.D "Chinese Democracy" , do you have any idea when the fruits of those labours will come to harvest?

Axl: Sometime during the next year, with the guys, i mean , I do have a really positive relationship with the individual members and each one of them excites me with what they bring to it creatively or just as a person and how each one of them works realy hard, because I think anyone that watches this project at all, also sees, the abuse that this projec goes through, and these guys shoulder that really,realy well and they dont have a problem dealing with it, and I have to just respect the hell out of it with these guys.

Interviewer: Absolutely, with everything Guns N' Roses has been through over the decades and now your back and you got the new line-up and you yourself Axl, have you made a concious effort over the years to keep out of the spotlight? or does that just come natural to you?

Axl:No, no it didn't exactly come natural but, I would say that originaly I was shy and then we would fight through it , a lot of substance abuse will get you out infront of those cameras, you know, you'd get like "hey I can do anything".

Interviewer: *laughs*

Axl: That was like in the past, but also, a lot of this is also having to do with theres a lot of really difficult legal situations that have gone through over the years, and I havent quite the recluse that people that people make out, I just dont go to places that I know people are taking my pictures, or I know thats gonna happen, or thers gonna be interviews or looking for the public spotlight, I have stayed out of that. Theres also though talking in interviews, that anything thay I would say would turn around and be used against me in these various behind the scene court cases and they were all very, very complicated, and things lasted for years in all kind of cases that the public doesnt really know about yet, and its little, by little be more time for me to talk about those things but I'm then in having the music talk first, then I'll say what happened later.

Interviewer: Absolutely, lets talk about the opening,band,bands tonight you've got the mix master from teh bestie boys with you, is that right?

Axl: Mix-Master Mike, hes done some work with them and hes acutaly done some work with Brain and Bucket, in the past, but, seperate from brain and bucket having worked with him Tommy was the person that turned me on to Mix-Master Mike by having me go see a scratch show when they had this movie out Scratch and go to a performance of that and Robin and I went with Tommy down to watch that and it was really exciting to watch, and he just moved the people in a cool way, and it was cool that Tommy and Robin really like him so much, and they didnt know that this guy already had a relationship with Bucket and Brain so it jsut kind of seems natural because of their enthusiams and the other guys already knowing him and being excited about it , and we're also playing with CKY which is kind of a thing people are into right now, and they have a really interesting attitude so, should be fun!

Interviewer: Absolutely, looking really forward to it man.

Axl: We wanna get people a full show, of a few different things to see.

Interviewer: Those people who are sitting right now in their cars listening to this, on their way to the show, and anticipatin what they're gonna see, is this gonna be a typical in your face, lots of explosions, lots of loud rock Guns N' Roses shows thats we've come to know?

Axl: Its gonna be a big rock show, yea, theres a lot going on in the stagin of it, and pyro and different things like that so it will be a big show, but also this show is someone that is designed to be growing, over the next couple of years, its like this is the start of something but remember we will be putting out a record and about a year of so after that we'll be putting out another one, so they'll be alot more material added to the set with alot more things going on, this is the begining, and we need to be showing people a lot of the older material, but it will grow.

Interviewer: I'll let you go Axl because your guy told me you only had a couple of minutes left.

Axl: Yea i've got to go down for the sound check , before they cancel the show!

Interviewer: (laughs) Yea, I got one last question, what are some of your fondest memories of the past that you hope to carry forward?

Axl: What I like best about performing is when you know you've done a show where the crowd, not where they go like "Oh yeah, Axl you were the man" but ...(I can't hear anything after that, there was about 3 seconds left for the clip to end any way).
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