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1999.12.DD - Interview with Duff

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1999.12.DD - Interview with Duff Empty 1999.12.DD - Interview with Duff

Post by Soulmonster on Sun May 06, 2012 7:15 pm

DUFF's interview from BURRN! Magazine (Dec 1999) , thanks to Yesterdaze. (English may be strange
due to translation)

(How did this 'Live Era '87-'93' album thing happen?)
Let me explain this. At first "Geffen Records" was bought up. AXL, Slash, and I were still partners of
GN'R. "Seagram" was buying up everything and put them together. Contract, master tapes, everything. I
still had one live album to release in that contract. I had the tape in my hand, but I was expected that
somebody will use the right. And now is the time. That's great. Me and Andy Wallace were in the studio
and mixed the album every day in last August. He is great. Slash called me up and asked me how the sound
like, because he was busy working on his record. This album is supposed to be sent to AXL.
It's funny thing that guys from "Universal/ Interscope" or something said they won't release the album
unless I decide the title of the album. I said that's fine. I said "You are the people who want to release the
album". But they were giving me mental pressure.

Actually nobody could fire somebody in that band, because everyone was the equal partner. I quit. I left the
band two weeks before my daughter Grace(she is two now) was born. It was not fun. That's the reason. The
reason why I stayed in the band was to be a bridge between AXL and Slash. That's what I stick to. But I
didn't want to stay there, cause that's not GN'R any more. There were only three guys left. What they want
us to do? Me and AXL release the album as GN'R?

Cocaine dealer has all kinds of drug and start to hang out with them, cause they give me drugs for free.
That's it why we all five were falling apart. Each of us were surrounded by close friends and they all have
their own point of view. So I had to deal with AXL and dozen of his guys, not only AXL. That's same
situation from AXL to me.
I want to be hard on myself. I'm very responsible. I was trying real hard. I have been sober since around '94
and I thought we could do better when I recall and analyze. Me and AXL were getting along well and we
had very good conversation. Three of us could keep doing together. There was no doubt about it. There was
no progress though. And it came to the end without facing and shaking hands saying "What the fuck were
we doing?"

Everybody was trying to persuade me to stay in the band for money. I didn't want to stay the band. It was
not good as it used be. It won't go well. Only three guys, not five. And AXL wanted to do something else.
He didn't know what he was doing. I don't want to repeat what he said on MTV. If I do, it would be his
advantage. Music wise, he was invaded completely by guys his brought. He brought a guy and said "He is
our new guitar player." I said "What a fuck?" That's not right. That's same thing I bring a guy and say "He
is a new member." There was no democracy. Slash started to take it seriously said "Fuck it. Is that his
band? Since when?" That's ridiculous.
Even if I went to rehearsal at nine at night, AXL shows up at four or five in the next morning for about two
years. I could not keep up with the schedule. There was no respect for me. That's enough, so I quit. I went
to dinner with AXL and his manager. He was a manager of GN'R and still AXL's. I said "AXL, We had
very fun together, but it's your own band now. I'm not interested in you as a dictator. I didn't come here to
talk about the money advanced for next record. You can have it. See Ya." That's it.

(When was that you had contact with AXL last time?)
A year ago. That means we haven't talked since he was putting live album together. Our managers talk each
other or FedEX it back and force. It was not like Slash. I told Izzy to check out mixing. "You are in that
album also. Come check it out." He said, "I might as well check it."

(He was the first member who left the band.)
Yeah, he was willing to do if the situation had fixed. To tell the truth, he visited AXL's house about two
weeks ago.

(Really? Are you kidding me?)
Yes, he did visit there. But somebody told him that AXL is not there answering over the inter phone at the
gate. First he said "Wait a minute" and he came back and said "He is gone." Izzy said "OK" and went back.
There is always emotional thing with GN'R. At least the old GN'R.

I want to say something against in that MTV interview. He said the he likes the Seattle sound, on the other
hand, Slash and me hated the music comes out new. It's stupid, but let me do the self defense. I'm the one
who brought ICE-T or Killing Joke etc. in the band and listened to other kind of music. I'm not a country
boy from Indiana. I'm from Seattle!

(What do you think about AXL's shitty story or what he's saying? It is different, that's obvious.)
I'm planning to fix the story that I got fired. The reason I didn't say anything is that is OK with me knowing
only myself about how it happened. I don't care what the rumor is, fired or I quit, cause I know what I have
done. I heard something that AXL was fucked up by Slash. More I heard, more stimulated to save
friendship. Don't say badly about me or Slash! Stop it!
I worked so hard and did as much as I could do to keep running the band and recognize the greatest band in
this century. That's OK to say things about me, but I live my life frankly and have responsibility. If I do
wrong, that hurts myself. I don't care what other people say. I did care about was lying this time. And that
was very big one. I don't want to ruin the history what I was the part of the creation for rock n' roll. I
couldn't stand that it was insulted by my friend when I watched that interview. He is just looking for excuse
to make his band bigger. That's fine, but Do not make me involved in. Slash is a killer rock n' roll guitar
player and treat guy. AXL was not able to live in Malibu without us playing on the stage. Most important
thing to him now is to make all the lies put it together and not to be contradicted. That's no way to make
Slash to be involved. Finally that made me stand up for it. He has what he's saying. Off course each one of
us has some. And there's the truth. A lot of things have been happening, but now I think I could show my

(What was the best thing of GN'R?)
I would say relationship of the unit.

(What was the biggest pit?)
Success. I got no doubt about it.
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