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My begrudging respect and admiration of Axl

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My begrudging respect and admiration of Axl  Empty My begrudging respect and admiration of Axl

Post by Soulmonster on Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:46 pm

I have never really liked Axl, the person. I have always admired his immense musicianship, his ability to express his feelings through his music in a very heart-felt way, and his talent as a frontman. But at the same time I have disliked his reluctance to compromise which have caused him to reject and turn away former friends and band members, his volatile nature and aggressiveness, his vanity...

Recently I haven't seen so much of the negative sides, but I have seen a lot of a person with an immense amount of integrity, a person who acts consistent with his own convictions, a person with great humour, a person who cares on his own terms, a person who supports his friends, a person who is willing to share and open up.

The result is that I almost reluctantly start to respect Axl, the person, and not just the musician.
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