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You Ain't The First

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You Ain't The First

Post by Soulmonster on Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:11 am

Use Your Illusion I, 1991, track no. 6.

Written by:
Izzy Stradlin.

Drums: Matt
       Bass / Acoustic Guitar: Duff
       Acoustic Guitar: Izzy
       Slide Dobro: Slash
       Vocals: Izzy, Axl, Shannon
       Tambourine: Tim Doyle

Live performances:
The song was played for the first time at Pantages Theatre, USA, on May 11, 1991. It was played extensively during the acoustic part of the 1993 shows. In total it has, as of {UPDATEDATE}, at least been played {YATFSONGS} times.
I tried so hard just to get through to you
       But your head's so far
       from the realness of truth
       Was it just a come on in the dark
       Wasn't meant to last long
       I think you've worn your welcome honey
       I'll just see you along as I sing you this song

Time can pass slowly,
       things always change
       You day's been numbered
       And I've read your last page
       You was just a temporary lover
       Honey you ain't the first
       Lots of others came before you woman
       Said but you been the worst
       Sa' you been the worst

So goodbye to you girl
       So long, farewell
       I can't hear you cryin'
       Your jivin's been hell
       So look for me walkin'
       Down your street at night
       I'll be in with another
       Deep down inside

On 'You Ain't The First,' I used a dobro and played that regular [as opposed to overhand slide] [Guitar For The Practising Musician, April 1990].

'You Ain't The First' performed live at the Estadio River Plate, Argentina,  July 16 or 17, 1993:

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