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Favourite current GN'R members

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Favourite current GN'R members Empty Favourite current GN'R members

Post by bumb.l.foot on Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:59 pm

I dunno where to write this, so here will do.

Ron- my favourite member
Richard-Great player
Frank-cool guy
Pitman-Drunk, cool guy
Tommy-He is there and it is bass, who cares, cool i guess
Dizzy-he was an ignorant bastard to people talking to him in London, therefore i don't like him
Ashba-Overated, overhyped, really, painfully average player... Sickens me with his constant shite
Axl- he is Axl...

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Favourite current GN'R members Empty Re: Favourite current GN'R members

Post by Soulmonster on Wed Sep 21, 2011 10:13 pm

I split this off from the Dr. Phil Ashba thread.


Ron: Great guy, very fun, extremely talented. Has yet to put his mark on GN'R though. I hope he gets to record with the band soon. I am excited for what he can bring to the table.

Richard: Very professional all-round great guitarist. Very friendly guy, too.

Dj Ashba: Does the classic songs allright, and works the crowd well on stage. Not sure if he can bring anything interesting to new recordings, though, seems a bit generic. Looks like an absolute twat.

Frank: Cool guy, too difficult to get in touch with. He could be a little bit more accessible. Decent enough on drums, bit not as good as Brain or Freese.

Pitman: Seems cool enough. Although a bit redundant at times. But one of the guys I would love to party with.

Tommy: Seems to me a bit loose cannon. His playing is good, though. And he's been loyal.

Dizzy: Too inaccessible. Seems nice enough.

Axl: Complex guy. Violent, misogynist, asshole, unpredictable, uncompromising yet very sweet and funny guy, and an extremely talented musician.
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